Sexual Harassment At The Workplace Essay

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Clint Patterson Dr. Matthew Fitzsimmons PHL 250 3 May, 2016 Sexual Harassment in the Workplace Since before my time, in the 1980’s, American court systems have already understood sexual harassment as a kind of sex discrimination. It is obvious that the legal development has drastically improved for the sake of all working women. However, Vicki Schultz, a Yale Law School professor, in her article “Rethinking Sexual Harassment,” criticizes how sexual harassment is considered at present. Schultz’s first critique to the matter, is that in focusing on sexuality, our approach to sexual harassment is much too narrow, and it overlooks the nonsexual forms of gender hostility that many women experience at work. Nonsexual forms of gender hostility include: condescendence of women’s performance or ability to master the job, providing patronizing forms of help in performing the job, or withholding the training, information, or opportunity to learn to do the job well. Second, Schultz argues that our approach to sexual harassment is also too broad because it targets even the harmless sexual conduct as harassment whether or not it discriminates against women. Such as, urging “zero-tolerance” policies and “cultural sensitivity” approaches that stumble onto the side of prohibiting sexual conduct that might personally be taken as offensive. Third, Corporate policies in particular, intend to include sexual harassment law, and have pushed the limits to completely disinfect the workplace so that

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