Sexual Harassment At The Workplace Essay

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In recent years, there has been an increase in the attention given to sexual harassment at the work place. Unnecessary and unwanted sexual attention between women and men in the workplace has been there for a very long time in the past. For many years, this unwanted sexual attention has been categorized as a natural form of male/female interaction. However, this has changed as women have become more involved in organizations. Thoughts and feelings about the acceptability of this behavior are rapidly changing. What was acceptable before has become problematic and undesirable internationally (Sorenson, Mangione-Lambie and Luzio 457).
Sexual harassment can be defined as; ‘unwanted visual, physical or verbal conduct of a sexual nature that is pervasive or severe and have an effect on the working conditions or creates a work environment that is hostile. It is regarded as a form of sexual discrimination that can occur anywhere but for this paper, I will only discuss sexual harassment in the work environment. There is a slight demarcation between occasional uninvited sexual advances and remarks that may be deemed inappropriate. Usually, these incidents are not labeled as sexual harassment but if these minor individual occurrences affect the work of an individual then this can be termed as sexual harassment.
Conducts regarded as sexual harassment:
• Written or verbal : Includes remarks about personality, attire or physical appearance; requesting sexual favors; sexual insinuation;

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