Sexual Harassment At The Workplace

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Sexual harassment is among the many factors that make employees uncomfortable at the workplace. This vice is a sum of all the unwelcomed advances of sexual nature that employees go through from their colleagues or superiors. There is no gender limit to sexual harassment since both males and females may be coerced to engage in some things for sexual favours. Sexual harassment takes both verbal and physical form.
Since managers are responsible for the provision of a comfortable working environment for their subordinates, they are charged with the control of their employees’ behaviour to ensure none of them goes through sexual harassment. Identifying the particular cases of harassment that are of sexual nature is not easy since different people have differing views of the sexual harassment cases. The sexual harassment cases are perceived differently by people in different cultural environments. These perceptions are caused by the difference in the way people speak, their relations, dress code as well as value for personal space.
Despite the fact that various laws define sexual harassment differently, its definition in the business environment is common to all environments. Most managers seek to control and prevent this kind of harassment not only to provide a proper working environment for the employees but also to maintain a strict code of ethics in the organization. Management intervention is necessary since most sexual harassment cases are undertaken by the supervisors and

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