Sexual Harassment Dress Code Attendance Policy

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In this memo I will be addressing a several of the U-Turn company policy and procedures. Concerning Sexual harassment • Dress code • Attendance policy • Vacation policy • Discrimination • Alcohol use, drug use, and smoking. I will be addressing these issues due to fellow coworkers not complying with the company policy and procedures. Everyone needs to read up on these polices to be aware of what is to be expected. Failure to comply with these rules will result in disciplinary action and can lead to termination. Sexual harassment Policy # 1.11 The general purpose of this policy is to establish a clear understanding of U-Turn policies and producers regarding all reported claims. All claims will be investigated and violators of this policy …show more content…

Personal appearance and work attire must be maintained. Every person that’s works for this company is a representation of this company. This policy establishes appropriate guidelines within the workplace. Any inappropriate attire are failure to comply with any of the guidelines listed or supervisor will result is a person to be sent home and disciplinary action taken. 1. All employees should be in uniform. Neat and clean. Unless it is dress down day or unless your supervisor had given you instructions to dress down for special task. If this special task is on or off the job. No chest hair, excessive jewelry or tattoos shall not be visible. 2. Hygiene and grooming is expected to be neat and clean. No body piercing larger than normal loop earrings will not be tolerated. 3. Shoes shall be appropriate to the outfit worn in constants to the policy. No flip flops or High heels higher than 2 inches are prohibited. Smoking Policy 7.11 Smoking is prohibited on the campus of U-Turn and within 25 feet of the building or any of the companies’ vehicles. We are a company that strives for the safety and the health of our staff. Violation of this policy will be subjected to disciplinary action. The same rules applies to assumption of any alcohol beverages. Drug use is an automatic termination of employment. Attendance policy 9.11 Absence is considered as person who has refused to report to work or a person who

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