Developing a Professional Presence

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Professional presence

Professional presence is a dynamic blend of poise, self confidence, control, and style that empowers us to be able to command respect in any situation. Once acquired, it permits us to project a confidence that others can quickly perceive the first time they meet us.

The importance of making a good first impression

A positive first impression can be thought of as the first step in building a long-term relationship.

The Primary Effect

The development of professional presence begins with a full-appreciation of the first impression. The tendency to form and retain impressions quickly at the time of an initial meeting illustrates what social psychologist call a primacy effect in the way people perceive one
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If you want the promotion, you have to look promotable
A good rule to follow is to dress for the job you want, not the job you have. If you are currently a bank teller and want to become a branch manager, identify the successful branch managers and emulate their manner of dress.

If you want respect, you have to dress as well as or better than your industry standards.
One would expect to find conservative dress standards in banking, insurance, accounting, and law, and more casual dress standards in advertising, sports entertainment and agriculture. Spend time researching the dress and grooming standards in the industry in which you hope find a job.

Selecting Your Career Apparel

Companies that have initiated extensive career apparel programs rely on uniforms to project an image of consistent quality, good services and uniqueness.

For example men worker rules include, no beard, and dress shirts with coordinated ties. Female employee rules includes the skirt length (must not be shorter than two inches above the knew), and also stockings.

The company requires employees to follow the rules in order to maintain the personal appearance and grooming standards give it a marketing advantage.

The uniform worn by employees by clerk, and the employees at restaurant were classified as career apparel.

In addition to special-design uniforms,
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