Sexual Identity Exploration And Commitment

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The very first item in the Measure of Sexual Identity Exploration and Commitment asks to evaluate on a six-point Likert-type scale ranging from 1 to 6 how firm of a sense I have of what my sexual needs are, penciling in a 4 where 6 delineate “very characteristic,” I begin to think of how much certainty is in my beliefs about sex and sexuality while knowing that the survey questions to follow will surely not be easy to answer with an absolute degree of confidence.
Do I know what my preferences for expressing myself sexually truly are? Another 4, but not a surprise; if I already admitted to not having the firmest sense of what my sexual needs are, how could I come to express preferences not wholly defined in my own mind. In my life, I have …show more content…

I may have not purposefully identified what the whole of my sexual values are, but I know what is at the core and cannot say to never have clearly identified the basis for the most primal of them and successively built upon those in relation to personal experiences juxtaposed to those socially enforced morals I was exposed to in youth in and out of the parental household.
What truly surprised me as a worked my way through the survey questions, was the immediacy of the rebuttal to the entry “my sexual orientation is not clear to me.” Though a heterosexual in general practice, currently involved in a monogamous heterosexual relationship between cisgender individuals, I am not a stranger to displays of affection of what could be considered of the homosexual kind; never have I been involved in what I would define as a romantic relationship with another man, but I have been more intimate with my close male friends than what I have seen other be, sharing kisses of affection and friendly love without later engaging in more physical demonstrations of romantic love. Like all, I’d like to think, I am able to appreciate and express friendly love, valuing it greatly as a component of my social life, and not limiting the extent of such emotion to a particular gender; in the expression of this love, I find enjoyable the connection made by something as innocuous as a hug, but possibly because of my upbringing in Italy, I further appreciate the intimate kisses shared on

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