Sexual Response Cycles

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Men and women all go through sexual response cycles. The response cycle occurs in both sexes in four phases. They are excitement, plateau, orgasm, and resolution. The first phase, excitement can come from different things such as kissing, sexual thoughts, erotic videos or pictures, all of which can lead to arousal. During this phase, the body is preparing for intercourse. For both men and women, excitement causes similar changes to their bodies such as nipples and earlobes swelling. Muscle tension, heart rate, blood pressure, and blood flow increases. With these changes, it can lead to heavier breathing as well as a change in color to skin, commonly referred to as being “flushed”. While both men and women experience increased blood flow, the increase in blood flow causes different things between each sex. Men will experience an erection in the penis whereas women will experience swelling in the clitoris and labia. Also, women’s breasts can swell but men will not experience the same swelling. The next phase, plateau, is before the orgasm. It causes our bodies to react in different ways, much of which is a continuation of the excitement phase, such as…show more content…
This phase doesn’t last very long. When men reach orgasm, they ejaculate, or release sperm. Normally this is a continuation of sexual pleasure and only lasts for a few seconds. For women, the orgasm and vary from woman to woman. Their bodies react by an increase in lubrication, tightening of the vaginal walls, and overall pleasure. Orgasms that women experience are typically longer than what male’s experience and doesn’t always include female ejaculation. Both men and women experience muscle contractions during the orgasm phase but in different parts of their body. They also hit the highest point of blood flow and breathing rate. After the orgasm is over for both men and women, their genitals begin to return to its’ original state, which brings us into the next
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