Sexuality In The Media

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In modern days, the mass media have been shown to affect a broad range of health-related attitudes and behaviours including violence, alcohol and drug use. However, there is growing concern about people, especially those in young age's exposure to sexual content through electronic media such as TV shows, movies and music about its potential effects on their sexual attitudes, beliefs, and behaviours. These media have been sources of such inappropriate contents such as sex, drugs and violence to most of adolescents as they are exposed to many sexual images and messages.
Although sexual content in the media have been affecting any age group, adolescents have been the most vulnerable ones. This is because they are exposed to sexual content in the media
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Since teenagers in their developing stage and not fully grown up yet most of them are just discovering their sexuality. Also, it is definitely normal to be interested in everything sexual for them. However, the amount of sex from the media in modern society has been increasing and can make teenagers confused. With widespread access to the internet, there are often numerous teens who accidently or intentionally be exposed to a lot of pages of materials that are uncensored, often inaccurate and potentially harmful. This can eventually lead young people to irresponsible sexual behaviour and unwanted pregnancies.
Sexuality in the media does not only have negative effects but also can provide positive impacts on people in society especially those in a growing stage. Whether by television, searches in internet or other social networking, adolescents can learn about their sexual health and what they should do later in their life as the media informs relationships, pregnancy, birth control and sexually transmitted disease. Therefore, if teenagers are informed and prepared about issues such as sex they will be much likely to make informed choices for their
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