Sexuality Is A Very Prominent Theme Throughout Rubyfruit Jungle

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Sexuality is a very prominent theme throughout Rubyfruit Jungle. Molly faces the assumption from the world around her that she is heterosexual because she does not seem to fit into the stereotypical clichés of a Lesbian. As a child, after she, Ted, and Leroy found out Jenna was dying, Molly wanted to stay in Leroy’s room to comfort him, “but people said it wasn’t right…” (Brown). After Jenna died, Leroy cried and yelled about how unfair it was. Carrie comforted him the best she could, but still did not let Molly stay with him (Brown). Molly witnesses Carl comforting Ep, and narrates that she, “…thought the only things [men] were allowed to do was shake hands or fight. But…maybe it wasn’t against the rules. Since I wasn’t sure, I thought I’d…never tell. I was glad they could touch each other. Maybe all men did that after everyone went to bed so no one would know the toughness was for show. Or maybe…only…when someone died.” (Brown). As a punishment for Molly’s unladylike behavior, Carrie tells Molly about her plan to keep her inside during the summer to train her as a lady, and Leroy tried to stay as well. He argued with Carrie, however he obeyed, out of fear, when Carrie told him, “You’re a boy and you go out and play like boys are supposed to do. It’s not right for you to learn those things” (Brown). He backed down when, “…she started telling him what would happen to him if he picked up women’s ways… Everyone would point and laugh. Nobody would play with him…and soon

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