Who Is Seymour Chwast?

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Seymour Chwast It is almost impossible to imagine how many lives Seymour Chwast has touched with his work. Chwast was and still is the driving force behind the creation of countless advertisements, book covers, magazines, and other works of art. It would be difficult to imagine the field of graphic design without his influence.
Seymour Chwast was born in 1931, in the Bronx, New York.
Soon after, he started taking formal art lessons. Chwast drew his inspiration from comics, cartoons, billboards, and advertisements. He grew to love the art he encountered in the city around him more than the variety he saw in museums. This influence is prevalent in his later work and choice of projects.
When Chwast was a teenager, his family relocated to Coney Island. While there, he attended Abraham Lincoln high school. Chwast soon encountered his art teacher Leon Friend, and his life was forever altered.
Leon Friend taught at Abraham Lincoln for close to forty years and led the school’s art department. His particular method of instruction was unique in that applied art for commercial purposes. He called his classes “Graphic Design,” and was one of the first to use the term. His students learned everything from more classic arts like drawing and painting to cutting edge practices like typography, poster, and magazine design. They were also encouraged to get their work in print and urged to enter competitions and contests for the purpose of showcasing their work. Through his class,

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