Analysis Of ' Graphic Design Theory ' By Thames & Hudson

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Meredith Davis’s book “Graphic Design Theory” was published in September 2012 by Thames & Hudson. This book blends a study of historical thinking of design with contemporary / modern approach to it. It also suggests students to critically analyse their work and asks them to adopt the design theories to embellish their practical design work as it will help them construct better work. This book also helps in understanding the consumers and the history of Graphic Design and also talks about a range of theories and introduces a collection of concepts and sources for future use and reference. In this book, Meredith Davis talks about the relationship of visual representation to the contexts of design. It talks about focusing on the broad and long term aftereffects of design and not to design only for the moment and responding to prompt needs.
In the chapter dealing with communication models, we understand that models help us understand what we perceive and also help us understand how out thinking works. Models have an impact on the way we anticipate and respond as well. The book gives the example of the universe and about how it comprises of the idea of the earth as a sphere and about how it spins on an imaginary axis and revolves around the sun. This theoretical assumption helps us to come up with predictions of climate, seasons, light and dark. Language is the means by

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