Essay about Sfudying Graphics, Messages, and Symbols

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To study what makes graphics and text become messages, we have to study symbols; Symbols are human made products or behaviors, which can deliver meanings to people. Codes are systems which define the relations between symbols, and the working relations between symbols and symbols are semiotics. Semiotics is a culture research tool; it has some difference between the traditional critic ways. The traditional critic ways talk about the inner interpretation of the meanings of text but semiotics talks about how the meanings are made and created in the graphic and text. In addition, semiotic uses denotation and connotation to explains, express and referrer to the details of the images. The denotation of the Time magazine, the cover photo is the …show more content…

In the magazine cover image of connotation, that reference to science genre and also can be the iconic meaning of advancement of science. This image connotes a science laboratory and the invention of robot human. It is an advertisement of a movie. The fact that the image used a white model because the society tends to be like when comes to the top technology or science; people lean towards to think of white people or person to present as a knowledge person in the image. In addition, this image represents how human like to think of the future of mankind's ultimate of life. And this also attach to the human self-consciousness, the true meaning of happiness, life is a dream, and so on. The future may come much faster than we estimate.
In addition, according to the line “if you believe humans and machines will become one. Welcome to the Singularity movement”, if it really come true it sounds life is really just a linked series of chemical reactions and feelings of creatures. However life or body is not just something that only organize the complex metabolism, but the most obvious features of life is to kept "consciousness" as human; if human loss consciousness than it is not human anymore. In other perspective, human life is more than metabolism. Human's consciousness and feeling can be determined to be effect of the meaning of life. To obtain immortality, at least one of the "body" or "consciousness" still functional otherwise not

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