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The Shadowhunter World is Not Ready to Let Her Go Yet (A Book Review on Cassandra Clare’s City of Ashes) Cassandra Clare’s novel the City of Ashes, the second book of the Mortal Instruments series is a Fantasy Adventure as how the story of a girl who’s living in what she believes a normal life and how she adjusts from being known as a Shadowhunter. Clary Fray has recently been adjusting to her life since it has changed from being ordinary to extraordinary. Wanting back your life and living a normal life seems to be impossible for Clary Fray after what happened to her. But how could that ever be possible if you are a Shadowhunter who happened to be seeing the downworlders or the creatures whom mundane or humans think are non-existent—vampires,…show more content…
A series of unfortunate events happened to Simon, he broke his heart again because Clary and Jace kissed and he was attacked by the vampires. Supposedly, Clary has to choose between Simon being killed or being transformed into a vampire. Afraid to lose Simon, she chose the second option, Simon was turned into a vampire. Making everything worse, the two Mortal Instruments—the Mortal Cup and the Mortal Sword was now in the hands of Valentine whom he would use to achieve the unrestricted power he wants. By accomplishing this, he kidnapped Simon and Maia (a werewolf) to further transform the full capacity of the Maellartach. But Clary, Jace, Alec, Isabelle together with Magnus Bane defeated Valentine and bring back the two Mortal Instruments to the Institute. However, on the latter part of the story, she met a woman named Madeleine Bellefleur. This woman introduces herself as Jocelyn’s friend and said that Jocelyn is under a spell and she is the only person that can help Clary’s…show more content…
A Shadowhunter or a Nephilim is a human born with the blood of an angel, in other words they are half human, half angel. They are the ones who fight demons and other downworlders. She is the daughter of Jocelyn Fray, who is also a Shadowhunter and Valentine Morgenstern, the antagonist and the one who stole the two Mortal Instruments. Jace Wayland, on the other hand, believes that Michael Wayland is his father but turned out to be Valentine. He is Clary’s lover but with their tangled fate, they found out that they were siblings and would want the two of them to remain as siblings. He was adapted by the Lightwoods, together with his stepmom, Maryse Lightwood, stepsister, Isabelle, and stepbrothers, Alec and Max. Simon Lewis is Clary’s best friend who’s originally a mundane but is turned to a vampire by Raphael Santiago. Because of his love for Clary, that he never once told, he let himself in into many troubles with
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