Shadows By Ameliah Summary

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Throughout this story, Ameliah begins to go through her parents belongings because she wants to figure out who Joe is, but that she was too scared to before. First, Ameliah wants to figure out who Joe is. She has told her friend, Heather, that there is a photo of her mom and a man that she had never met before. Ameliah was wondering if the man in the photo was “Joe”, but she now can not find it. This may be because she feels threatened by Joe since he claimed to be a friend of her dad's. Next, immediately when Ameliah sees Joe, she is encountered by an uneasy feeling. She feels there is something off about the way he looks, like she has seen him before, but she can not place her finger on where or when. Also, Nan seems to be concealing information. When Ameliah began to ask her about how she met Joe,…show more content…
Furthermore, she knew if she told Heather about all of the boxes in the old room, Heather was bound to want to go through them with her. The pressure from Heather wanting to look through the boxes was enough to go through them. Ameliah is confused as to why she wants to go through them so badly, but it is only for Ameliah’s purposes to solve some questions she still has about her parents’ death. Ameliah had never thought about it like that and there is a high probability that this was a reason as well. Consequently, she did not want to come across something that may have been important. Ameliah had not wanted to go through past memories with them and become extremely dejected. Though she had found a guitar from her mom, and old photographs she had taken with her dad, she also found tapes. She began listening to them, and ever so often, a strange voice of a man would come on. Ameliah had been assuming it was Joe, but she did not understand why he made those tapes for her mom. Ultimately, I predict that Ameliah will continue looking through the boxes and come across an object that could uncover
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