Book Review Of Warriors'sunset By Erin Hunter

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Warriors’ sunset by Erin Hunter is the book I read and this book is about shadows of the past continuing to haunt the forest, scourge, Tigerstar and a medicine cat died. Brambleclaw is haunted by a dark figure on a dangerous quest for revenge and must struggle to remain true to his clan. Bramble claw thinks Greystripe is dead and Firestar wonders if she should hire a new deputy or not. The time is coming for certain warriors to make choices that will determine their destiny and the destiny of all the clans. Longtail becomes a elder due to failing sight. Shadow clan sets a new boarder and Blackfoot becomes Shadow clan’s leader. Russetfur becomes deputy. Darkstripe still is not loyal to the leader Firestar. Brambleclaw and Squirrel flight overcome
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