Shahs Of Iran Essay

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Some background information about the Islamic regime and the Shahs of Iran comes from the book, “In the twentieth century, Iran entered a new phase. Reza Shah decided to modernize and westernize the country, but meanwhile a fresh source of wealth was discovered: oil. And with the oil came another invasion. The West, particularly Great Britain, wielded a strong influence on the Iranian economy. During the Second World War, the British, Soviets, and Americans asked Reza Shah to ally himself with them against Germany. But Reza Shah, who sympathized with the Germans, declared Iran as a neutral zone. So the Allies invaded and occupied Iran. Reza Shah was sent into exile and was succeeded by his son, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, who was known simply as the Shah” (p.1-2). Which leads up to the reason why the shah seemed to have the worse policies. Its starts with the veil, where it became mandatory to wear at school. Also during the 1980 all Bilingual schools were closed down because they felt like there were a sense of capitalism happening during that time period. As time progressed there was a fire that had…show more content…
So basically the shah is a really dangerous person because, one of the Shahs policy to where they would torture people by filling up a jail cell with high amounts of water for a long period of time. So then Ali Ashraf Darvishian explained why children had to work at young ages. For example in the book it said “Reza became a porter at age 10, Lella wove carpets at age five, and Hassan cleaned car windows at age of three. While reading these stories she finally understood the same reason for her shame and for the revolution it was the difference between social classes” (p.32-34). The reason this is important, it shows the way the Shahs wanted to operate their country by making children do hard and brutal work at such a young
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