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The Future of Everything

Instructor: J. Brent Friesen
Office: 326 Parmer Hall Phone: (708) 524-6972
Email: Course Webpage on Canvas

Summer Session II: June 30 to August 8

Class Format:

The course is offered online through the Canvas LAS340 course
Each week of the 6 week course will have a similar format:
(Day 1 = Tuesday)
Days 1, 2, & 3: Reading, media, and research assignments are posted.
Day 3: completetion of online opinion poll
Days 4 & 5: First round of discussion
Days 6 & 7: Second round of discussion
Day 7: Answers to comprehension questions due
Day 7: Answers to research questions due

Required Materials:

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Definitions of Plagiarism, Cheating and Academic Dishonesty

Student plagiarism is the deliberate presentation of the writing or thinking of another as the student’s own. In written or oral work a student may make fair use of quotations, ideas, images, etc., that appear in others’ work only if the student gives appropriate credit to the original authors, thinkers, owners or creators of that work. This includes material found on the internet and in electronic databases.

Cheating entails the use of unauthorized or prohibited aid in accomplishing assigned academic tasks. Obtaining unauthorized help on examinations, using prohibited notes on closed-note examinations, and depending on others for writing of essays or the creation of other assigned work are all forms of cheating.

Academic dishonesty may also include other acts intended to misrepresent the authorship of academic work. Deliberate acts threatening the integrity of library materials or the smooth operation of laboratories are among possible acts of academic dishonesty.

Sanctions for Violations of Academic Integrity

If an instructor determines that a student has violated the academic integrity policy, the instructor may choose to impose a sanction, ranging from refusal to accept a work product to a grade “F” for the assignment to a grade “F” for the course. When a sanction has been imposed, the instructor will inform the student in writing. The instructor must also inform the student that she/he has

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