Shaming Should Be Part Of Society

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In every country in the world there are certain levels of shaming that every society has, where some countries have extreme shame than others. Shaming is form of criticism and judgement when an individual violates social or moral norms. Shaming fundamentally reacts our psychological need for acceptance and approval from either someone or the public. It is true that for centuries, shame has been given a negative name, but there is reason why shame has existed for a long time and why it will continue to exist in the future. Shaming should be part of society since it brings order and control, it causes people to reflect their wrong doing, and it creates a positive change that affects everyone. Shaming should be part of the society since shaming, most of the time, brings positive results. Of course, shaming should be part of society due to the fact that it brings order and control among the people. Shaming controls people who perform unacceptable behavior that can cause great damage. It is extremely critical for any society to be in order since it brings peace and balance. But, in order for that to happen society must shame people who violate or break moral and social norms that are highly valued. According to Eric Posner, a professor at the University of Chicago Law School stated that, “Shaming is a form of social control... Shaming has always been extraordinarily important—often... shaming was a major source of public order”(sec. 2). Controlling individuals with shame is the

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