Sharon And Lena

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Sharon and Lena are staff members of Helping Hands, an interfaith agency apart of Inter-Faith Community Ministries and located in Rochester, New York. The agency offers several services to include a refugee resettlement program. Lena, who is ethnically Albanian, serves multiple roles within the agency because of her language skills and experiences as a Kosovan refugee. Sharon, Lena’s supervisor, has been placed in a difficult position because of the complaints she’s received from her Serbian clients and other caseworkers in relation to a poster in Lena’s office depicting a photograph of Kosovo.
Problem Statement
Sharon, the protagonist, is faced with the problem of the growing distrust and dislike towards Lena, particularly from other caseworkers and the agency’s Serbian clients. While Sharon has no problem with Lena’s poster and views Lena as an asset to the agency, Sharon is unsure whether Lena’s poster and her involvement in prayer vigils, especially since Lena is Albanian and is not religious, goes against the agency’s mission to build relationships of trust.
Contextual Analysis Sharon recognizes the strengths of having Lena as an employee; however, her caseworker employees and Serbian clients disagree. One …show more content…

Since the Kosovo War was an ongoing event at this time, it may be too soon to have an Albanian individual working with Serbian clients. This strategy would improve the relations between the Serbian clients and the agency, however this strategy does not suggests Lena cannot work with other refugees and aid caseworkers with her language skills as needed. The risk of implementing this strategy is the possibility of Lena becoming angry and believing these action are unfair, thus impacting the quality of her

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