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Table of Contents Introduction 2 Effective Employee Selection 3 Application 3 Interview 3 Final Assessment 4 Rationale for the employee selection 4 Strategy Influenced by Other Factors 4 Internal factors 4 External factors 5 Training programs 6 Tailored Training 6 Leadership Program 6 On-the-job learning 7 Off-the-job learning 7 Rationale for the training programs 7 The strategy influenced by other factors 8 Internal factors 8 External factors 8 Performance Management 9 Board Evaluation 9 Controls and Procedures 9 Performance Share Plan 10 Rationale for performance management 11 Strategies Influenced by Other Factors 11 Internal Factors 11 External…show more content…
As such, Shell usually employs university graduates. Training programs Shell operates more than 110 countries in the world and has attained vast working experiences and expertise in different areas or locations. Also, Shell has established many training centers across different countries and offers a large range of training programs and development activities for its employees. Offers of the training programs and the development activities to selected employees depend on their business areas covered, locations and role of the employee within Shell. An example of Shell’s training activities is shown as follows: Tailored Training Tailored training is offered for all of Shell’s new employees and includes inductions and a specific program, namely, “Shell Life”. Shell Life is a course that is highly experiential and interactive designed for university graduates to develop their leadership potentials. The course helps participants to identify their personal direction, leadership skill, interpersonal effectiveness and business awareness qualities that they need if they want to pursue a successful career with Shell. Leadership Program Leadership program is available to all staffs of Shell. Under the Leadership Program, management team will be invited to be tutors coaching their staffs and will provide their expertise and insights to those staffs. Besides, this program covers the contexts that actually happen in the real life. After
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