Sherlock Holmes' Hero Potential

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Doyle has written multiple books sharing the various adventures of Sherlock. Throughout the various adventures readers begin to gain a sense of the type of person Holmes is. Sherlock is a brilliant man that can solve almost any problem thrown his way, but lacks an emotional side, which makes him look like a jerk. Holmes coming off as a jerk gives him a bad reputation with some of the people he works with. Due to his lack of emotions Holmes cannot be considered a hero, but this does not mean he should be considered a villain either. In modern adaptations of Sherlock like, Elementary and BBC's Sherlock, Holmes's personality has not changed at all thus he still appears as an anti-hero in the eyes of viewers. One thing that can be seen in the modern adaptations however is Holmes's potential to become a hero due to an emotional side that emerges in the television series Elementary. There are typically three types of classifications when it comes to describing a character: hero, anti-hero, and villain. A hero is someone that people can look up to, and their actions are deliberately done to benefit society. An anti-hero is someone whose sole interest is not to help society, but they still end up helping out the greater good. A villain is someone who people do not look up to, and deliberately take actions to harm society. As mentioned earlier, Holmes fits into the anti-hero category. The…

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