Sherwood Middle School: A Short Story

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For years, past principals of Sherwood Middle School have grouped kids based on history and looks. It has brought the students to hatred of these staff members. For the past two years the oldest prisoners at Sherwood Middle School have had to endure the wrath of the strict and mean guards. Now there's a new one that is making the kids think twice. In the second paragraph, we will talk about the old principle, what he was like and what kids thought of him. In the third paragraph, we will talk a little about the new principal, why he's here and where he came from. Lastly, will we talk about how the students reacted and what they think of the change.
The old principal, Mr Kevin McIntosh set the bar pretty low for best principal. In 2016, the seventh and eighth graders strongly disliked him. But they have a reason to, to them he was a mean,strict,and unreasonable person they knew. In an interview with a few of the students at the middle school say he yells at the kids for no reason. This is just one more reason the kids didn’t like him. The kids wished and begged for a new principal, finally they got their wish.
Marc Jolley was officially introduced to the Sherwood school district. 11 years in the Tigard-Tualatin school district at Tigard high school as a language arts gives him the understanding of kids
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A majority of the student we interviewed explained that they didn't like Kevin and asked for a new one, one that isn't so strict and unreasonable. In an interview a student said his first day back was a much better day than the past two years, this new principal is way better. As a few days past though, things slowly began to spiral downwards when the kids saw that this new principals’ rules were maybe not as strict but his rules were terrible. This has got kids thinking if they would let Mr.Mcintosh come back. But time will tell if this new change is for the better or the
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