Shinto Goddess: Mount Fuji

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Mount Fuji was named by a Buddhist fire goddess, named Fuchi. Fuchi is a sacred place to Shinto goddess Sengen-sama, which the shrine is found on the of the summit. There was three volcano in one. The names are Komitake (at the bottom), on top of Komitake is Ko Fuji which mean old Fuji, and the finally, the last volcano that is on top of all of them is Shin Fuji, which mean New Fuji. Women were forbidden to climb Mount Fuji until 1868. It doesn’t say that much about why women should not climb it, but in said “ Because of its sacred importance, Mount Fuji was forbidden territory for the fairer sex until 1868, the dawn of the Meiji era. Though the first ascent of the volcano is thought to

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