Short Essay 1: State Law And Federal Government Program

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Essay 1: State Law and Federal Government Program “Who has the power?” State and Federal Government has an idea of sorting out government function. First off they like making level of government primarily or solely responsible for each policy area has a long pedigree. Next State law and Federal Government has divided important duties up between each other; so the state will not undertake the federal government. Also Federalism has become a tradition since the finding fathers. The constitution’s tenth amendment states “The power not delegated to the United States by the constitution, nor prohibited by to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people”. The states and federal government help each other in many ways to keep the people happy. In contrasted state laws are for the people; giving them power and not just the states. The Supreme Court took away national power and aggressively work to strengthen the other roles foe states. States …show more content…

He or she will not have to worry about not having any help from nor the state or the federal government. There are many programs and state laws to follow by in order getting the financial assistance or any other benefits that are needed for his or her family. He or she may be in need of serious housing; they may fall at work and needs to be benefit by workers compensation. Both state and federal help each other out and have equal power so one does over take the other. Contrasting state and federal government gives a person the knowledge and idea on what each party does for their state. Each power has been divided up between state and federal; it has been working ever since. Contrasting both is no other then dividing the duties and focusing on the most important facts that we use today in this 20th

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