Federal Government Vs State Government

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The federal government and state governments have had a long history of powers struggles. The struggle goes back and forth between who has the right to make decisions and if there is a problem who should fix it. Sometimes it is better for the federal government to fix issues and during other situations it is better for the state or local governments to fix other issues. In the PBS special of the United States Constitution, Peter Sagal travels around the states documenting the various roles and impact the government has on the country as a whole and on the individual states.
Sagal talks with Akhil A. Amar of Yale University in Connecticut about the constitution and what powers it gives to the federal government. Amar says Alexander Hamilton
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The Articles of Confederation were like a loose contract between the states. There was deepening debt, no power of the government to levy taxes to pay for the cost of the war, some states had a navy while others did not. Shay’s Rebellion, in which the government raised the taxes against farmers to help pay off war debts, caused the farmers to rebel. Hamilton and Madison decided that something needed to be done and so they called together representatives from each state to draw up a new version of the Articles. Instead of another Articles of Confederation being drawn up the United States Constitution was written. The new Constitution had a “weak” central government with strong state powers. It also ensured each state that they would be equally represented in the national government. In one house the representatives were based on the state’s population and in the other house each state gets two representatives. New ideas to the Constitution included: an executive branch…show more content…
For example, Harborside health center in Oakland, California is a medical Marijuana dispensary. But wait, you might say, marijuana is illegal in the United States, right? According to the federal government it is, but according to the California state government it is not. The people at Harborshide Health Center are committing federal crimes that can result in the death penalty but in California it is completely legal. In Montana, Gary Marbut fights for gun rights. He says the federal government has overstepped their boundaries when it comes to gun regulations. He has managed to get his Montana Buck-a-roo law, as well has 57 other laws, passed in the state of Montana. The Buck-a-roo law states that a gun manufactured, and sold in the state of Montana and never crossing state lines is not subject to federal regulations. In March 2011, Kentucky senator Rand Paul said, during an energy committee hearing, that the federal government has violated his freedom to choose a toilet. The Energy policy Act of 1992, to which Senator Paul is referring, regulated the amount of water that toilets could flush. Similarly the 2011 edition of the Federal Register calls milk an edible oil and requires farmers to treat the milk produced on their farms as such. Another regulation in the Federal Register is the one making it illegal for anyone, other than a
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