Short Essay Chapter 1

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Leaving the motel, on Highway 74, around 3:00, Marlene wanted to get home before Jerry and Andrew arrived. She smiled as she recalled the past few hours spent with her lover. Pulling into the garage, Marlene parked her Mercedes, brushed her hair, put on fresh lipstick, and rushed into the house. She was relieved to be home before her husband and father-in-law had arrived, and she went into the kitchen, made a pot of coffee, sat down at the counter, and glanced through the morning paper.
When the phone rang, Marlene answered it and said, “Barnes residence. May I help you?” “Now, I know why you’re always late when you come over for lunch!” the voice on the phone said.
Detecting the anger in her mother’s voice, Marlene asked, “What …show more content…

Jerry is a wonderful husband who provides extremely well for his family. If he is not what you want, then divorce him and marry Frank?” “Mom, cool down. Jerry and I are happy. We will never divorce. Stop worrying about us. I have only spoken with Frank a few times and don’t even know him. I don’t know why he would call my phone, unless he was looking for Lisa,” Marlene said.
“All right, Marlene, please tell me why I see your car parked behind that sleazy motel out on Highway 74, three or four times a week. I keep praying you will straighten up and stop this foolishness before I am forced me to tell your husband.”
“I am not the only one in town with a new Mercedes,” Marlene said, defending her actions, knowing if Jerry ever found out about Frank it would kill him or he would kill her. “You can’t expect me to sit back and say nothing while you destroy your life.”
“Yes, Mom, I expect you to keep your big, fat, mouth shut! I swear I will see you in your grave before I allow you to mess up my marriage. Please, don’t make trouble for me with Jerry. I’ll see you tomorrow,” she said, hanging up the phone as Jerry walked into the kitchen. “Hello, sweetheart,” she said, pouring a cup of coffee and handed it to her husband. “Sweetheart my ass, I’ve been calling you for hours, I wanted you to have lunch with us!” Pausing, Jerry said, “Why in the hell do you need a cell phone? Every time I call, you won’t answer. Either it’s turned off, or the

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