Putney Mountain: A Short Story

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The mysteries of Putney Mountain began years earlier when strange and scary events started, forever changing the lives of the citizens of the town of Howardsville located near Charleston, West Virginia. Resulting in the myths, legends, and lies, that still exists to this day. Ernest Cassidy, an elderly man, lived as a recluse in the two-story house a few miles out of the town near the Putney Mountains, was familiar with the secrets involving the surrounding area. The townspeople wondered about his connections to these abnormal activities, but no one volunteered to question his involvement.
Many locals were reluctant to go near the mountains, fearing for their safety. Knowing whatever was up there, although unexplainable, was dangerous and …show more content…

Cassidy left to go to the hearing. Arriving in Charleston, he located the address and parked near a BMW. Getting out of the truck, straightened up his clothes before noticing a woman sitting in the BMW and recognized her. When she started to open the door, he went toward the car to open the door as he thought a gentleman should, and reached for the door handle. Quickly she pushed the door open almost knocking him down, she screamed, “You damned moron, don’t touch that door!”
Grabbing the side of her car to keep from falling on the concrete, he asked, “What do you think you are you doing here?”
“You will soon find out. Old man, you are repulsive. I wish you would stay away from me!”
“Let me remind you that we have a deal, I kept my part of it, and now you’ll keep yours. You are not going to get by with any foolishness.”
“We’ll see what happens when they come out there with the big ball and level your shack. That will be the happiest day of my life.” Laughing as she picked up her purse, locked the car and started to walk away, but stopped and asked, “Is that mouthwash or whiskey, I smell?” She smirked with a nasty tone in her voice.
“Anything you smell is coming from you, and must be whiskey.” Locking his truck, he went toward the building and asked, “Where are you going?”
“You will see,” she said with sarcasm.
“You are not going with me,” he said and kept

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