Short Essay On Coca Cola

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Ever go to the movies with your popcorn, candy, and friends, but still feel like your missing that one thing that makes up the movie. Maybe you have just ordered a delicious pizza along with a great family game night but one thing is still just not right. Maybe your at diner and your thirsty and crave a drink that is refreshing but at the same time tasty and packed with flavors. If you feel any of these things than you must be missing the most revolutionary drink on the planet Coca-cola. In conclusion Coca-cola is responsible for the caffeine that keeps you alert and focused, the carbonation that helps with your upset stomach, and in social events which is one of the building blocks to America’s cultures which all truly revolutionized are world …show more content…

Because of this important trait, Coca-cola also helped built our society and became a big culture to America and what it stands for. In social events Coca-cola helps tremendously. These social events generally include parties, weddings, high school proms, and many more in which this beverage comes in handy. One reason why this is so is that when I was at my couison’s birthday I felt thirsty and when I opened the refrigerator there was an ice cold Coca-cola. All in all Coca-cola is a vital part of our social events and helps build the American …show more content…

Coca-cola has also kept us alert, focused, and on on task which can be used almost everyday day at school or work. Coca-cola also helps with upset stomachs or when your feeling down and need a tasty and refreshing drink. Most importantly Coca-cola brings people together which helps build our soiecty and the American culture. In conclusion Coca-cola is one of the worlds most revolutionary inventions which helps dramatically in keeping you alert, helping you when you feel down or sick, and most importantly in social events which revoluzioned America’s culture and how are everyday lives

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