Short Essay On The Day In London

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London awoke on a Sunday morning to the sound of car horns and sirens. Almost every day, London’s busy traffic always blared up to her in her flat, and after checking the clock, she noticed that it was 7:56 a.m. Rising out of bed for the day, London walked over to her kitchen to make a cup of, her favorite, Earl Grey tea. After the teapot made it’s classic “hissssss” of being done, her London Metropolitan Police mug, that she borrowed from work, meet steaming hot water. After plopping a few tea bags, she made her way to her balcony and sat down. In the bright and clear London morning, London saw a lot of the historical city from her perch on the 30th floor of her apartment tower. The Olympic Park that London personally admired was …show more content…

Her father was a diehard fan of the football club, West Ham United. Both London and her father were born in raised in East London, where West Ham plays out of. London then realized that it was actually match day at the London Stadium. Which then helped her understand why when she was at the stadium, so many people wearing the classic maroon and. She flicked on the TV to Sky Sports to discover that the match was set to kick off at 3 p.m. Not only that, she found out that it was against another London club. After realizing this she smiled yet again, she loved London derbies for the excitement and electric atmosphere they brought with them. After all, facing off against a local team always means sparks are gonna fly. After glancing at the clock she saw that it was only 10:37 a.m. which made her sigh some. She had no clue how she was going to pass the time until kickoff. Flopping down on her sofa she settled on watching a few reruns of Downtown Abbey. Meanwhile, she checked a news app to catch up on the happenings in the quite nearby Parliament. After killing a couple hours with reruns and boring news she realized at 12:46 p.m. that she had not at anything ate anything at all that day. Nando’s, her favorite fast food place, sounded really good to her. After eating decided on just boneless chicken breast with some chips on the side. Just as she finished up her meal, her friend texted and asked if London

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