Short Essay On The Power Of Chi

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There's no way to sneak out the kongsi front door carrying a sword, even with a skeleton crew of security guards on duty. I could try disguising it, but what could I use that wouldn't look like something wrapped around a sword? I don't have time for such nonsense. The easiest option is going out the emergency exit on the ground floor. There's no guard, but there is an alarm, which would be a problem if I didn't know the code. I step out to a narrow, damp walkway that seldom sees the light of day. I look up and see a security camera pointed right at me. Damn. My emotions are robbing me of common sense. I can only hope the guards aren't paying attention. I breathe deep and channel the power of the Yang Pearl. Wow. My whole body feels …show more content…

He must mean by killing Tiffany. The door behind me opens. A hand reaches out and yanks me inside. It's Mike. He hauls me into a nearby classroom and shuts the door. Roy is waiting there. Both are wearing tuxedoes and looking impossibly handsome and horrible. Roy immediately steps in front of the door, blocking any chance of exit. I tug away from Mike and clutch the sword to my chest even though it's the instrument of my mother's death. Does her blood still stain the blade? My pulse is pounding in my ears and I'm hating them both. "Why aren't you at the wedding?" "Wedding's over," says Mike. "The happy couple are taking photos inside the church. And by happy couple, I mean George and Mother." That means I still have a chance. I glance over my shoulder, looking for another door. There isn't one. The only way to get past Mike and Roy is to use the Yang Pearl, but how do I do that without hurting them and me? To make time, I ask, "How did you know to find me?" "A guard paged me and told me he saw you leave the kongsi by the emergency exit and that you were carrying a sword. Who told you?" He knows about it. I suck in yet another sense of betrayal as I ask. "Who do you think?" He shrugs since there's no need to answer. "How long have you known?" "Not long. Sylvia kept hinting that something sinister was going on and that she'd tell me only if I agreed to marry her. It's a lot worse than just your mom's death, Cat." Like anything could be worse than that. "What do you

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