Short Story : A Short Chapter : Chapter 1

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"Are ye thinking of the climb or something else lass? Besides, electric lights were not invented for another eight-hundred years when this passage-way was built by the original Selkie clan."
"Well, we’ve had the benefit of electricity for two-hundred years now, it's about time you guys get an upgrade for the bat cave or should I say the Selkie cave? Other than electric lights how about some of those battery operated headlamp thingy's?" "If we had human's visiting my parent's home often we probably would’ve put a light up, but as I said few humans ever come to my parents’ home by way of the hidden cave entrance." "I hope Gunnar appreciates what I am willing to do to help you retrieve him from this desolate area of …show more content…

With a welcome smile on her gorgeous face stood Duncan's younger sister Ceana. She reached over and gave her brother a warm embrace and a kiss on his cheek.
As Duncan hugged his sister Ceana, he caught a flash of blond enter the room, as a huge Golden Retriever bounded into the room and raced over greet Duncan and planted himself in front of the siblings. Thump, thump, thump his tail beat an ecstatic tune against the floor expressing his pleasure with the arrival of the guests. All the while making a deep happy sound in the back of his throat to show his joy and impatience’s with his need to be acknowledged as a four-legged family member.
“Adaira, this blond beast is Gunnar, as ye can see he loves having guests visit his home. I think he is sure were all here to give him love and attention. And like the saps, we are that is just what we do. It’s easy to fall under his magic spell.”
“Gunnar, you’re so handsome, I love his beautiful face and those soft brown eyes are so expressive,” Adair said.
"See what I mean, Gunnar has a new convert under his spell in mere seconds." Laughter burst out of Duncan as he reached down to ruffle the Golden's neck scruff. "I thought ye must of fallen to yer death or age must have slowed yer step, ye took forever to reach the top," she said and laughed at the look on his face. "Sorry it’s my fault it took so long, that's all on me," said Adaira. "Ceana, I'd like you to

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