Relationship Between Arthur And Guinevere

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The king lifted his head and spotted his drawers lying next to his feet. He grabbed up his undergarments and slid into them. He then pulled Guinevere toward him and kissed her. “Your turn now, my love,” he insisted, easing her down onto her back.

But one again, Guinevere had a look of concern on her face.

“What is it, Guinevere?” asked Arthur, gently tugging up her shift. “How can I put you at ease?” Little did Guinevere know Arthur was a jumble of nerves himself. He settled himself between her knees and waited for her answer before he did anything else.

“I worry about how I’ll look to you, and that I won’t appeal to you. And I worry about how I’ll sound while you’re touching me,” Guinevere told Arthur, staring up at the ceiling as she spoke. “Maybe you won’t like doing it and you won’t tell me…”
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Couldn’t you tell?”

Arthur crawled up the bed and rested his head on the pillow next to Guinevere. “Maybe a little,” declared the king with a slight smile upon his lips, nuzzling Guinevere’s neck. “And I think we should practice this frequently for the next three months until our wedding. How often do you think I can sneak you in here before people notice? Every night?”

Guinevere slapped his shoulder in jest. “No, Arthur! I don’t want to risk anyone finding out.”

“Well, we have three hours before the next guard change,” Arthur said suggestively, inching his hand up Guinevere’s thigh until it rested between her legs. She gave a soft moan, and Arthur eased her folds apart once again and stroked Guinevere’s heated, wet flesh with his thumb. “I have heard there’s a way we can pleasure each other at the same time.” He kept stroking. “Interested in giving that a try?”

“Yes,” she panted.

Arthur rolled on top of Guinevere and pressed a brief but insistent kiss to her lips. “Better get started, then.” He cupped Guinevere’s breasts through her chemise, then brushed his thumbs lightly over her nipples. “You’re more than I could ever have hoped
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