Short Story : A Story

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It’s a pretty day, thought Chrissie as she munched on her leftover birthday cake. Chrissie just turned eight, and was patiently waiting on her front porch for her grandmother to return from grocery shopping. Normally she would have accompanied her grandmother to the store, but the previous day she had the misfortune of stumbling over a neighbors left out toy and wound up spraining her ankle. Luckily for her she had her grandmother’s hissing mangy scraggly mouse of a cat, Suggs, to keep her company. Chrissie wasn’t incredibly fond of Suggs; he’d bite, claw, and shed fur everywhere. Once he even knocked down and broke Chrissie’s favorite snow globe. Although he was a nuisance in almost every possible way, Chrissie thought of him as family, just as if he were an aggravating little brother. Chrissie was bored; she’d been waiting for nearly two hours, and her only company had wandered off to chase a noisy little bug after having finished nibbling on her cake crumbs. While she was staring into the nothingness of her surroundings she noticed a red ball across the street. A tick of irritation came across her eyes as she noticed it was the same toy she had tripped on. She hobbled down the porch's steps, wincing at a bit of pain from her foot. She didn't quite know what she planned to do once she got the ball, but the mixture of annoyance and boredom drove her to limp across the street and retrieve it.
She was about to pick up the ball, but before she could even lay a fingertip on

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