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“Yeah,” she shook her head in agreement, “I believe you are right. Though I truly believe that everyone needs to start focusing on surviving as a team. There is no way in hell that we can do this without each other, Everyone needs someone to rely.” She stated with a slight, the hair she had pulled back bounced around wildly. Her dark brown hues stared at her. “There isn’t anything wrong with thinking about the long wrong as long you don’t forget about the here and now,” lifting her hand she gestured to everything around them. “Don’t wanna get too caught up thinking about the future and forget that the dead is wandering around eating the living. Stick with your group and you’ll survive.” Laurel spoke in a soft voice, a smile forming on her lips. “Even though the poor girls end up saving the men who want to protect them in the end.” She shook her head and rolled her eyes. She hated men like that before the end of the world and she hated them even more now.

Lifting her hand up, she rubbed at the back of her neck. Her head tilting off to the side as a slight grin appeared on her lips. She wasn’t exactly sure how to respond to that statement. It’s true, she would have gotten her degree sooner if it wasn’t for her parents dying. Them dying caused her to shut down, she wasn’t sleeping and she hardly ate. She would have ended up dying if it wasn’t for her aunt. She was the one to snapped her out of it. Taking in a deep breath, she turned to face her. “I would have gotten my degree

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