A Story : A Short Story

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A year had already passed since then, but I couldn’t help but be drawn towards those shoes. The closer I got to them the more familiar they seemed. The scuff marks on the sides of the shoe peaked through strands of the woman’s hair, and a surge of nostalgia flowed through me as I saw them. I remembered Leila’s endeavors at Six Flags that resulted in similar bruisings on her shoes. An icy breeze whisked away the woman’s hair to reveal an engraving on the side of the shoe. It was of a speckled flower, the same one Leila had drawn on. She said the speckles were tiny flaws in the seemingly perfect rose. As soon as I saw it I knew they were hers. I couldn’t fathom the fact that I arbitrarily found them over a year after she went missing. I needed those shoes, but I they belonged to the woman. I gingerly shook the woman awake and she slowly opened her eyes. I was surprised she could even sleep through the noise of the city. She arose with a vexed expression and stared at me with cold eyes. After a few moments she processed her environment. I was bent forward and had a hand already inching towards her shoes, she got the impression that I wanted to steal them- I guess I did want to. In response, the old woman shrieked and her lament attracted the attention of nearby pedestrians. My attempts to calm her down were futile as she began to fling her possessions at me. I didn’t want to have to steal them, but it was my only option. She reached for her red blanket to chuck at me, which I

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