Short Story About The Rehearsal Dinner

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Rhett did not forget about the rehearsal dinner. Forgetting about the rehearsal dinner would imply that he had at some point found the peace of mind to forget the fact he’d sworn up and down that he had found his own date, a date named Danny, to keep his grandmother and her gossiping circle of bridge friends and their many grandchildren out of his personal life. He did not forget. He was just mildly taken aback when he woke up from his afternoon nap to a message on his phone from his sister, reminding him of the address and double checking that he had remembered to pick up a few extra bags of ice. It was a Wednesday, but surely it wasn’t that Wednesday, only it was, and he had no date and no ice. “Oh, fuck.” Rhett dropped his phone and dove for his laptop. He spent the next ten minutes frantically Googling and calling. His first four calls went straight to voicemail, and the one girl who answered yelled something about calling the police. Rhett was willing to admit he may have come off a little intense in their conversation, but involving the police still seemed a bit extreme. He had one finger on the call button, on the verge of asking his old college roommate if he knew any hookers, but a text from his sister kept him from dialing. She wanted to know if he was on his way and if he wasn’t to tell him to get a move…show more content…
He got out and leaned heavily against the side of his truck, staring blankly at the sky and contemplating his few remaining options. He could lie, say that Danny was called away by an emergency, but at the risk his grandmother would see right through him and verbally eviscerate him in full view of those in attendance at his sister’s rehearsal dinner. Or he could come clean and submit himself to the torture of blind dates, so as not to ruin his sister’s night. Neither option was particular
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