Short Story Chapter 1

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Chapter one;
From the moment her eyes blinked to an open, she knew it was a dream.
But what really left her to ponderment was how to wake up from it. She attempted once or twice to let out some kind of sound to at least give herself a start: not even a whimper or a cry left her in that moment. Instead she could only hear a whisper, not her own but that of a stranger; starting as a soft sound in her ear and slowly reaching an echoed loudness in her mind, while an anonymous clutch became tight around her throat. It was nothing, yet somehow she’d now been drowning in it like a sea of an unknown substance. She felt no state of fatigue present, like some constant unwavering torture of sorts. First she turned right, as the breathe drained from …show more content…

Every feature exceeded to maintain uttermost perfection in a copy; her lips, her hair - not even a freckle stood out of place on her face. Though there was one thing that did, an obvious feature stood out to Genesis immediately. The stranger’s eyes were pitch black; oily and shining with the light just behind the two of them reflecting off of them. It felt like she was staring into a pool of chemical waste - making her insides churn with disgust. She was staring into the eyes of a hollow version of herself and it struck fear deep into her core. The darkness that surrounded her was nothing in comparison to it, because one can build a tolerance to a surrounding darkness. But this version of herself she’d been traumatized to a gaze, this had been the result of letting that indescribable darkness in. It’d been the result of letting it corrupt her to the point where no matter how alike they were on the outside, this stranger was not her in any way.

A look of anger suddenly flashed onto the doppelganger's features, lashing out in anger within a blink of an eye. Genesis couldn’t fully register the feeling of the cold and lifeless hands tightening around her throat, as it’d felt same as before, until further attempts were made to do what the silence couldn’t before. The darkness didn’t taken long to make it’s due when Genesis finally found impact of it’s own twisted independence. A slight hitch in her breath turned into a struggled cough and the late

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