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The time was WW2 and I had been drafted. Away from the women I loved, away from the comforts of home. The only thing that’d keep me going was her… “On your feet maggot”! Sounded a voice I had come to know. “General Pierson what an unpleasant surprise” I said meekly. Then an alert came across the intercom, “10 minutes till debriefing of Normandy beach”. I casually walked there just to tick off Pierson. “Move it Daniels and Zussman I don’t have all day” he said in a rather demanding manner. I hadn’t noticed it, but my friend Zussman had glided in behind me. Suddenly a brisk feeling filled the air as we entered the rather cadaverously quiet board room. Davis who was the major general gave us the entire scoop. “Listen you disorderly …show more content…

Suddenly the front of the boat dropped and they had a clear shot and took it. The Germans saw the front of the boat drop and opened machine gun fire down on us. I jumped off the side of the boat just in time to have the boat completely shredded by enemy fire. I moved to the hill only to see Pierson. “Cmon no time to dig trenches rush the hill and take out their AA guns” yelled Pierson. “Joe you’re with me”. We rushed to the nearest shelter trying to return fire, but it was no use the Germans had been ready for us. We needed to breach the hill. I ran out to the hill and practically hugged it flattening myself against the cold hard dirt. “Pierson,” I yelled “Get me a stick”. He threw me a stick grenade which was quite useful in these situations and I shove the bottom pole in the top pole and threw it. I was sent to the ground. My ears ringing and all I could see was white the world, then became a blur and I looked up to see Zussman. The rest was just a blur of action. All I remember is Zussman and I were charging Germans with our bayonets and staring down to see blood on my hands. Then Zussman got stabbed right in the chest. That stupid son of a gun jumped in front of me to save me from a German. We were deep in enemy territory and now Zussman was badly wounded. I started dragging Zussman out of the bunker we had just ran through and straight into a small mob of Germans. Zussman with whatever strength was left reminded me that I still had a

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