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"She sits in front of her virginal white vanity as she paints her soft lips with a color as red as the blood spilled from them the night before and sets her pale powder over the cut right above her blonde, dainty eyebrow with a delicate hand to hide it from the naked eye. Her face wrinkles in a wince as the soft pads of her fingers press a little too strongly, reopening the wound. Soon after, all her recent bruises and cuts are hidden properly, she flashes a fake, yet mesmerizing smile, showing the tips of her white teeth to the mirror as she fixes her hair. But if you look close enough, you can almost see the sadness and fear reflected in the brilliant blue waters of her eyes and in the worry lines on her youthful face. She stands and …show more content…

However, they don't know what goes on behind closed doors; at first the marriage was amazing, filled with kindness and love, but then complications began showing up in the pregnancy, her body was too weak and there was an immense risk of losing the baby. Her husband, Steven was filled with uncontrollable rage while their little town wept in sadness for the unborn little girl. Sierra was in shock, the thought that the little heartbeat she'd grown to love in her stomach could just stop one day and all as a result of her had a devastating effect. She was ripped from her heart wrenching memory lane by the sound of her husband's car pulling in the driveway, she gasps in surprise and whips her head towards the clock not believing what time it was. The thoughts of all the cleaning she didn't do flooded her mind and her heart stopped as the sound of the keys turning in the lock cause a fuzzy feeling of fear to fill her from head to toe, she knew she was going to be in an abundance of pain tonight. She quickly shoved the music box back in the drawer and shut it, her heart pounding in time of her husband's heavy steps coming up the stairs towards their room. The door handle turns slowly almost as if he knows she's in there and is trying to torture her with the suspense of her pain, the door pushes in. He walks in the room with a large scowl on his handsome face, but to her amazement, he walks right pass her, as if he

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