Short Story: Mary Cheapmann

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In 1890, there lived a woman, named Mary Cheapmann. She was a beautiful young lady with long blonde straight hair, white skin, and blue eyes. Every man that she met can’t resist to not see her face. She lived with her father, James Cheapmann in a village in Wiltshire, England. It was a small, peaceful and tranquil village, where the people lived happily and harmoniously. She helped her father every day, who was a poor vegetable seller in a traditional market. One morning in autumn, as usual Mary with his father went to the market to sell the vegetables. Sadly, that was the most deficit day that they had suffered. The market wasn’t as crowded as usual. However, there was a man came over her, wearing black coat, hat and sunglasses. Mary saw through his sunglasses, a sharp eyes completed his white skin and pointed nose, which made him look handsome in her eyes. He talked to her in a friendly manner, “Good day, my lady. I thought I just saw something shining over here, but it was you. You are so beautiful.” Hearing the compliment, she smiled shyly at him. “Thank you, sir”, she said. “Oh, please just call me John. I’m John Blackwood. If you don’t mind, can I know your name?” Asked the man. Her father came quickly, interfered their conversation and asked, “Good morning, sir. Is there anything you need?” His hand with a gold ring on his finger, took a tomato and said, “Uhm...yes! I need some fresh vegetables for a soup, please.” He answered. “Sure, here’s yours, sir.” Said
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