Short Story : ' My Hideouts Loki '

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-What?!-Leah broke apart in surprise –Where are we?- -One of my hideouts-Loki mischievously answered –I thought you would appreciate more private surroundings- he purred as he bit his lower lip in anticipation as he leaned in to kiss her again. Leah moved away annoyed –So you think I’m that easy? You left me behind! Now you think just because you came to my aid we’re going to have sex?- -You look so sexy when angry-Loki smirked trying to pull hr back. Leah blushed, her face turning dark red, she wanted him too, but she wasn’t going to make it easy –No! - she seriously pouted -No? - Loki asked in disbelief as he raised his eyebrows -Yes, I said no –Leah crossed her arms standing her ground –You abandoned me!- -Didn’t Thor explain it all to you?-Loki asked in annoyance. -Yes he did, but I shouldn’t have had to hear it from him. - Leah raised her voice -Well, I couldn’t just walk into Stark Tower and explain it myself-Loki snapped at her -I hate you! - Leah snapped back angrily -No, you don’t- Loki answered as he forcefully pulled her for a kiss. Leah though him back for a moment, eventually she stopped and whispered –No, I don’t- as she kissed him back. All those months apart, all the anger, the loneliness, the yearnings were in every single kiss they shared. Suddenly Loki lifted Leah up and still kissing her, he carried her to his bed. As he carefully laid her down he started kissing her neck extracting more soft moans from her lips. As he travelled his way down he unbuttoned

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