Short Story Of Hayden Wilson's Black Boy

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Hayden Wilson's black uncircumcised, pulsating cockhead erupted as his baby juice squirted from his cock slit landing on his six-pack chest, while Mr Wilson wailed in ecstasy from getting his ass fucked, hard and raw.

Just the way I like it, thought Hayden.

“Shit,” Hayden said repeatedly as his asshole clenched upon his buttfucker’s dick.

From behind, the down-low professional Realtor heard, “I’m cuming. Fuck, you’re ass just got tighter. Take my seed, Daddy.”

Hayden’s right nipple felt a frisky play of tweaking, and then a hard tug as Hayden’s ass canal became warm from the cumdump.


Mr Wilson’s butt intruder unleashed what seemed like a gallon of jism.

Hayden's breathing finally stabilized as his upper chest
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This meant getting his ass rimmed and fucked by some anonymous stranger, who captured Hayden’s caught when stroking his white, long cock as Hayden strolled by this Twink’s booth. And all, it took was a nod and a hello.

While this Twink nibbled and slurped upon Hayden’s oozing cock slit, Hayden cupped his hands on the boy’s jaw.

“Sorry, son. I can’t take it any more. But, boy you’re damn good,” Hayden spoke.

There was another pop sound as the Twink released Hayden’s cockhead from his salivating mouth, although his lips continued darting around Hayden’s foreskin as he eyed Hayden with that quizzical puppy stare.

“Now, I need to you get up and ready yourself. We don’t want to draw too much attention. Besides, I’ve got a busy day tomorrow,” Hayden spoke with that tranquil sexy baritone voice.

Hayden pulled the Twink upwardly and kissed him passionately as their tongues intertwined; all the while the Twink’s fingers explored Hayden’s dripping asshole as he thought I need more of this amazing man.

Hours later, Hayden lied in bed alone as thoughts of his recent sexcapade danced in his mind until Mr Wilson pondered on how this Twink could be the same age or younger than his own son,
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I would take care of you,” Coach Donovan spoke as he felt Jayden’s ass ring squeezing on his circumcised eight inch shaft. Jayden declared, “God, I want you to fuck this ass and good, Coach. God, remember when I thought I was straight. And, then you and your thick, white Daddy dick came along.”

Jayden felt Coach Donovan slap his ass cheeks as Coach shoved his cock further inside his moist and warm hole.

“Yeah, I sure do, Jayden. That afternoon after practice forever changed your mind. Now, stop chatting. And, shoot your load, while I bred your asshole,” Coach Donovan said.

Meanwhile, a frustrated janitor wondered what noises he heard inside the Family Bathroom Stall at LAX Airport. He leaned inward trying to decipher what was happening, and then he heard muffled groaning sound behind the metal door. He had enough, and tried wiggling the locked door knob, and then he rapped the door like a woodpecker.

Yet, there was no responds.

“Hello? Is you okay?” the janitor asked the occupant.

Mortified, yet sensing a heightened adrenaline rush about the thought of being caught having sex inside a Public Restroom; Coach Donovan’s heaving chest became blanketed by Jayden’s jism as his Honor Roll diving student wailed, while squirting his
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