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  • Riccio: A Short Story

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    A naturally tanned Riccio dutifully complied as he stooped over exposing his gorgeous stark white framed stark butt cheeks. Principal Reardon could not believe the size or the perfectly shaped rounded melons that came into his sight. The so-called Reardon dick responded by ballooning up in a curved-up solid eight inches of lustful desire. Luckily, Reardon’s opulent antique desk hid this fact to Riccio Moretti, who was eager to show his appreciation. As Riccio thought, Fuck, I need this job badly

  • Short Story Of Hayden Wilson's Black Boy

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    Hayden Wilson's black uncircumcised, pulsating cockhead erupted as his baby juice squirted from his cock slit landing on his six-pack chest, while Mr Wilson wailed in ecstasy from getting his ass fucked, hard and raw. Just the way I like it, thought Hayden. “Shit,” Hayden said repeatedly as his asshole clenched upon his buttfucker’s dick. From behind, the down-low professional Realtor heard, “I’m cuming. Fuck, you’re ass just got tighter. Take my seed, Daddy.” Hayden’s right nipple felt a frisky

  • Labatts Narrative

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    A double shot of bourbon neat with a Labatt’s chaser was Evan’s standard drink of choice at the Pussy Corps. He had placed his order with the waitress after taking his usual seat at a little two-seater table that was nicely tucked away in a dark corner near the far side of the stage opposite the entrance. He then looked over the room as he patiently waited for Misty to take to her performance. Not even 1 p.m. and the place already had nearly three dozen patrons. Most of them businessmen who

  • Descriptive Essay About Beauty

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    I know we are far apart, but I just had to share this fantasy with you. Hope you like this. For your birthday, your friends pitch in to order you a massage...and I just so happen to be the lucky gal working this particular shift...the late shift...and the only shift where we do outcalls. After I arrive at the door, I cannot believe how unbelievably sexy you are, and I'm immediately excited at the possibilities. To break the ice, I bring a bottle of wine and a bouquet of red roses. After a period

  • Reflection About Masculinity Of Sex

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    I’ve come to identify with the masculinity of my gender and establish my sexual orientation as a hetereosexual individual during the earlier stages of my life. Because my older siblings, not to mention my parents, would discuss their sexual experiences in my presence, my curiosity was peaked. Thus, I began to explore my sexuality. During my pre-teenage years, I had already engaged in numerous sex related acts. In comparison to the typical 7 year old boy, I would have to say my mind developed at a

  • Short Story : Chapter Story

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    Brendan’s tongue licked around Eryk’s nipples, before he started chewing on each of them like a breast gnawing its wild game. “You say no?” “Yes…but nooo. Sir, I beg you,” spoke Eryk. “I thought you wanted to pop something?” said Brendan. Eryk’s eyes pleaded in bewilderment as he spoke, “Yes, Sir.” Then, Brendan pivoted around and shimmied his cheeky ass and he said, “How about my ass?” “Fuck, yeah, Sir,” whispered Eryk as his jaw nudged the back of Brendan’s neck. “Then here’s your chance…and

  • Cafe On My Way Home

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    I stopped by the book café on my way home, and as I was reading the latest gay happenings on my tablet, a new person came through the door. I stopped at the book café almost every day, and because I worked there on Tuesday afternoons I never had to pay for coffee or lunch. So, basically, I knew almost everyone who came in, and in a tiny town most people are either known by name, or visitors. The man was tall, had dirty blonde hair that was tied in a man-bun, and wore a blue padded jacket. His jeans

  • Contrast between Sam and Hally's Father in Athol Fugard's Master Harold . . . and the Boys

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    Hally's frustration is beyond his ability to control himself, his background compels him to play the race card against Sam, who could also react in a surprising manner. When Hally tells the racist joke on niggers' arses, Sam responds by lowering his pants and revealing his own arse. On the contrary, the relationship between Hally and his father is ambivalent. Obviously Hally isn't close to his father because he wants him to remain in the hospital as much as possible. Hally is also ashamed

  • Short Story

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    so I take that as my cue to keep talking. "What's worth more then a diamond, but the same as love?" "What?" Lulu questions while cocking her head to the side. "You." I say while smirking. "If you keep smirking your head will be farther up your arse." I immediately stop smirking and make a serious face. "" She says between laughs, I send her a questioning look as she coughs out, " a...constipated...walrus!"  I roll my eyes at her childish behavior.  **********************

  • Essay on Vulgar Wedding Roast by a Childhood Friend

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    himself (wipe his own arse)! According to his brother Graham, he relied on his mom (mum) to perform this service for him. Lee would scream at the top of his voice “I’VE FINISHED”, which was his mother’s (mum’s) cue to come running to his aid. This went on for many years, but I’m not going reveal how old he was when it finally stopped as it’s just too humiliating. Suffice to say, 21 turned out to be his mother’s lucky number! Without wishing to go on about Lee’s ass (arse), it’s only fair to