Short Story On April Fools Day

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It was a rainy April 1st when Jess was born. The irony of her being born on April Fools Day was tremendous. Why? Well, because everyone thought she was just a big old joke. Ever since she was young her parents never seemed to bother to care about her. One particular time Jess remembers is when her parents forget to wake her up to go to vacation to the Bahamas! The sad thing is they, her dad, mom, and sister, still went without her. She had to be babysat by a random babysitter while her family was out having fun. She never seemed to make any friends, no matter how hard she tried. Compared to her sister, she was a disappointment. Her sister had straight A’s, played volleyball, ran track, was the homecoming queen and was also the most popular and the prettiest girl in school. On top of this, she had a major crush on the most popular boy in the school. She doesn’t even understand why she likes him, she just has for the last 5 years for some reason. I mean Kevin was a shallow and a horrible person. Yet, she liked him and the reason for that is a mystery. One day, her life completely changed and I mean completely changed. She was sitting in her room and blasting her music. Her favorite singer was Taylor Swift and right now she was listening to her new hit. Then suddenly a speckle of something fell on the tip of her nose. She looked up to see glitter falling from the ceiling! Then, all the sudden a strange creature appeared. Her name was April, and apparently she was Jess’

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