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Rose colored shards fell from the sky as citizens evacuated the area, Hekesville's central train station was destroyed, the clock tower was demolished by our accidental damage. "She's not waking up!" I puffed, holding onto my stomach, avoiding getting sliced by Cecie's, well now Durga's shards. "I'm not getting jailed for a crime I didn't do, and neither are you!"Raven my comrade flew next to me. "Just give up!" Kail let out a wicked laugh, "Durga is my sister! Just say you did it!". Changing into the Lunar style I was able to teleport behind Kali and give her a crucial hit to her neck praying to knock her out, "Your just as frail as that wolf girl!" She grasped me by my scarf and launched me into Raven and we skid across the gravel. …show more content…

"Let me go!" I already knew that was Raven, "Je paru! Novie auix je seula!". Raven began yelling in Ramien in a fit a rage, soon being thrown into the cell block with us. "Big Sis!" Hibari ran up to her and hugged her, Raven embraced her as tight as she could. "You look confused to why I used Ramien." Raven looked at me smirking, causing me to tilt my head in confusion. “I’ll tell you later, I’m worried about that on your arm.” She grasped Hibari’s arm and pulled down her sleeve, causing her sister to grow at her. "I'm fine!" "Stop lying! Look at your arm!", her shoulder was coated with dark black scales. "Why didn't you say anything...?" I ask, she avoided eye contact while she spoke, "We've been through a lot worse, I didn't want to make a small fuss about it." "A small fuss!? This is a big fuss! Do you want to lose your arm?" Hibari flinched as Raven began to scold her. My attention went from the two bickering to a blinding blue light shining from a few cell sections down from ours. "Shush!" I waved to them without turning around, the blue light was getting closer as I began to hear a ringing noise in my ears, it soon got louder and louder to the point that it hurt. "What's happening?" I screamed, "Make it stop!" Hibari cried, her wolf ears flattened on her head. "Sorry about that..." the ringing finally stopped, we all exchanged looks and groaned. "Cyena!" Raven gasped, running up to the bars and smiling at the little girl. "You don't

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