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I managed to groan. It might not have been loud enough to be heard by anyone else, but loud enough that I registered I had finally awoken. The pain has been increasing and I can feel my health diminishing. I can tell that I am running out of time. With that thought in mind, I decide that I need to make sure I have put my trust in the right people. “Ladies!” I called in a very subdued manner. I counted on my ladies in waiting to tend to my every need. When they had all approached, I proceeded to make them aware of the situation. “Ladies, you know of my aches and my irritability because of such. I only request that until my final moments have passed, you will remember I am still your Queen and obey me as such.” I watched as they all looked …show more content…

That was when I noticed the flower to my right in the portrait- the Tudor rose. It was such an inspiring symbol of the unification of England and an end to conflict. In my opinion it was a story of triumph and of overcoming struggles. Over 100 years ago there were two warring families. One of those families was the House of Lancaster, which my grandfather Henry VII was born into, and the other was the House of York, of which my grandmother Elizabeth of York was a part. For many years these two families were unable to get along and the conflict became known as the Wars of the Roses. Finally the war ended when my grandfather defeated Richard III in the Battle of Bosworth in 1485 and married my grandmother to secure his place on the throne. Like they always say, “Love is the strongest force there is.”. The beautiful red rose is from the Lancaster House heraldic badge while the white rose of York was the symbol of the York house. My grandfather decided to combine the two flowers-a rose that is red around the outside and white in the center- in order to create a symbol of unity not only for our family but also for our country. It has remained the symbol of England. That is why I chose to pose for that portrait at Hampton Court Palace where the emblem was carved into the building my father had built. I moved on from the picture in an attempt to find other things to lift my spirits. Taking a step

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