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October is glorious in Downtown Toronto. It is a perfect 16 degrees, humidity low, and the sky a cloudy white. The familiar rush of pedestrians speeding through the sidewalk exhibits that one is in downtown. Despite it being downtown, there is no traffic. The roads are closed due to the Scotiabank marathon. A couple of runners pass by me, followed by faint cheers. I let out a stifled sigh as a light gust of wind passes by and causes me to shiver. I am confused, alone, and utterly lost in the heart of Downtown Toronto, one of the major cities in North America. I begin to understand that I might never be found and die on the streets. Relief floods my body as I approach an intersection. I look up and read the street signs that read, “Bay …show more content…

I kindly hand mines over, and receive a survey and pencil in return. I swiftly find a seat at the table in the middle of the back of the room, and complete my survey. I look up and take in the features of the room. There is a large stage at the front, a huge glass wall at the back, close to where I am seated with Nora, and Mabel; the sunlight illuminating the room. Mayura, Karamveer, Thametha, and Brittney are seated at the table beside us. Behind them is the table with Tanjim, Asad, Collin, and a couple of other guys. Other than that, the crowd consists of mainly old white people, and another group from our school, who fail to acknowledge our existence, seated far away from us. Mabel pulls out about 4 pieces of line paper, while me and Nora almost shriek in surprise. “I didn’t bring line paper,” exclaims Nora. “Me neither,” I say as I slam my head on the table. Just then, Brittney comes and blesses us with 8 sheets of line paper. I get ready for the event to start as I see the hostess making her way to the stage. She welcomes the audience to the event of ‘Dissecting the Villain’. She explains that there is an empty chair at each event to represent all writers who have been silenced. The chair at this event is supposed to represent writer Rashad Mohammad, who was arrested for drugs and political reasons. Then, the hostess welcomes the authors participating in

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