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“Now, we’ll never see each other.” “Why? What do you mean?” Anna asked. “You’re on my watch and since I let that beast come with us to The Ponds, Montague will make sure to keep you from seeing me,” Indrid said in a resentful tone. “No. My cousins would make sure of that.” Indrid stopped in the middle of the path. “Is that what you want?” Anna tilted her head. “Of course not! Are you serious?” she asked, half-frowning. His lack of rebuttal affirmed that he was. Indrid continued walking. “They won’t find out,” she said, following him. Indrid’s face became serious. Anna could tell that something else was bothering him. “The last time I saw my father, he wanted me to play chess with him. I …show more content…

I was only eight. You were nine. And Rayne was born that year. I worry that he will be lost and vulnerable without us,” Anna said. “Why? Have you seen him lately?” Indrid smiled. Anna knew he was referring to Rayne’s stature. “He is the Leader of Men. And when he gets older, he will become the acting King of Ikarus. He’ll probably be as tall as a castle by then. How vulnerable could the most protected man in the world be?” Indrid asked. At The Ponds the water was cool and clear. There were others there near the swamp tree at the water’s edge, swinging in from ropes attached to thick moss-smothered branches. Since it was now safe to walk through the land without the worry of getting stuck in the mud, many others took advantage of the much-needed drought as well. Within the overgrown border of cattail and lily pads, the King stopped. “I think we should settle here with Apollo,” he said. Anna knew Rayne didn’t want to be seen. Not only did she bring Apollo to relax him, she thought it would be an excuse for them to stay secluded. The King felt more comfortable at the opposite end of the pond where there were no people. “You’re staying here?” Indrid asked, looking at Anna. “Yes, we’ll stay here with Apollo,” she said. “If anyone else sees her they will panic.” “Come on!” Indrid begged. “Just for a little while. Apollo will stay here with Rayne. Come with me to the ropes. It’s fun! The water

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