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The last thing you remember was standing at the front of the line for a fansigning for the infamous BTS. A group you had followed since predebut and you were so excited to finally meet them after 5 years. Then suddenly you were waking up on the ground with the biggest headache you’ve ever had. You groan, still having your eyes close and slowly bring your hands to your head. When you do you feel something wet on your forehead which surprises you, causing you to finally open your eyes. Your eyes lock with dark almond shaped eyes that were filled with worry but also relief.

You close your eyes again in both fear and pain as you flinch at your own touch to your head. The man started speaking in Korean too what you figured was to other …show more content…

In fact all of the boys seemed a little worried, you didn’t understand why though. J-Hope stepped into your view and smiled that sweet angel smile.

“What he means is, you should be more careful to remember to eat and hydrate yourself.”

You nod and sigh to yourself “Again I’m sorry… Um if you don’t mind me asking, and i'm not trying to be rude, but why are you all here to see me?” You looked confused at them all before someone to the right of you spoke up.

“We thought you were going to die and wanted to make sure you were ok.” It was Jungkook
“You hit your head on the table before V and your friend were able to grab you, but they stopped you from hitting the ground.” You turned to Taehyung and felt your cheeks heat up as you thanked him accordingly. He smiled and came over to you next to Jungkook's chair and took a rag off your head which you remember feeling earlier and dipped it into some cold water in a bowl before ringing it and placing it back on your forehead.

“Your welcome, I'm pretty sure you know our names but I’m V, but call me Taehyung.” He played with your hair a little bit and smiled his signature box smile.

“I’m Y-Y/N, it's nice to finally meet all of you.” You smiled at them all. They all smiled back and all seemed less worried than before. You finally it up as they allow you but still holding the cloth to your forehead. You look around to find your best friend who was right in front of you, almost in a fit of tears. You smiled warmly at her and

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