Short Story : ' Pirates Vs. Zombies '

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There are some people out there who are great friends, but a select few are truly special. I have a lot of friends like this, but I’ll be writing about the most prevalent one in my life. Sarah Krelle, the girl who was my best friend, helped me through depression and bullying,and even saved my life. Yes, this essay is about my struggles with depression, bullying, and suicidal thoughts, but it’s also a story of friendship. Let me start from the beginning of the story. Sarah and I met during the cast party of last year’s play, Pirates vs. Zombies. I was sitting at the table in the back of the gym where everyone was dancing and having a good time. I was playing Tuber Simulator on my phone and was being antisocial per usual. Then a girl I did…show more content…
It was terrible. I felt like I could not go on. But I did not want anyone else to know what I was feeling. So I just put on a fake smile and tried to not show my feelings. I felt like I would not be accepted or people would not get it and I would just be made fun of more for being like that. I did not realise what I was doing was just making everything worse. I was just bottling up my emotions. Eventually I snapped during gym because I was so sad and angry and people were just adding air to the balloon of anger until it eventually bust open and I lost it. People did not understand. I was made fun of for it. I felt like nothing could help. I felt… alone.
Eventually I ended up breaking down because of all of it, during a summer play practice, In front of my friends nonetheless. I walked off and cried in the bathroom because I did not want anyone see me. Eventually Sarah came by the entrance to the boy’s bathroom. “Sean? You okay?” she asked with a worried face.
“D- don’t worry about it. I’m fine” I said, with a sniffle and a tear rolling down my cheek and dripping onto my shirt.
“Okay. I’ll leave you alone,” she said with doubt. She walked off. Eventually I came out of the stall and walked out when she grabbed my shoulder.
“Sean, please talk to me. I want to make sure you’re okay.” she said with a worried look on her face.
I made her promise she wouldn’t tell anyone else about this before I told her anything.
I am

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